Addiction Treatment for OxyContin
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OxyContin Addiction Treatment

OxyContin Addiction TreatmentWhat is OxyContin addiction treatment? It is a multi-step, long term process by which someone who is dependent on OxyContin is detoxified, educated, and rehabilitated. This is done in an attempt to return them to their lives in a happy and productive state. Each step of treatment is necessary to ensure complete success.

Detoxifying the body of drugs is especially important in opiate addiction cases. Without proper detox, an addict can feel extreme physical discomfort leading to a hasty departure from OxyContin addiction treatment. In extreme situations, such as with heavy and extended OxyContin addiction, physical symptoms can become so severe that they are life threatening.

After the initial detoxification period, which usually lasts 3-7 days, the person must immediately begin the next phase of their OxyContin addiction treatment. During this phase the addict begins their educational and life work processes which help them to understand themselves and their addictions. Only then are they able to regain control over their life. This stage of treatment is the "rehabilitation" period and is often referred to as "attending drug rehab." This phrase is a bit of a misnomer, as you are not necessarily being rehabilitated from drugs but rather are learning how to live life drug-free. This OxyContin addiction treatment period may occur in many environments depending on your specific needs. The largest distinctions between the different types of treatment facilities are summarized below.

Drug Detox Programs- Drug detox aims to safely rid your body of all toxins under medical supervision. Detox offers 24-hour nursing and medication to help alleviate painful withdrawal symptoms.

Hospital Based Treatment- This is addiction treatment that takes place in a clinical environment with 24 hour nurse or doctor care. This type of program is usually reserved for the most dire of cases. For example, situations where and addicted individual has other major health issues, or has severe physical manifestations from chemical detox.

Partial Hospitalization- Similar to hospital based treatment. Partial hospitalization treatment also involves a clinical environment. However, it is usually only for part of the day while the rest of the time is spent in a more rehabilitative environment where the individual participates in group therapy, socializes with others in recovery, and attends 12 step events or other programs which are part of the addiction recovery program.

Residential Treatment- This type of addiction treatment takes place in a group environment where the individual lives with other people participating in treatment. Residential treatment is a 24 hour a day commitment and the environment can vary depending on the facility.

Outpatient Treatment- This type of OxyContin addiction treatment involves an individual living and sleeping at either their home or a halfway house and participating in group counseling, 12 step work, classes, and individual counseling at a facility away from their home. Outpatient addiction treatment can vary in length from a couple hours a week to several hours a day.

Family Addiction Treatment- Family addiction treatment is vital to a patient's success in drug rehab programs. This is where most underlying issues of addiction are resolved.

What should I look for in effective OxyContin addiction treatment? OxyContin addiction is a complex disorder. Effective drug rehab programs should have the following components:

  • A medically-monitored drug detox program located within the facility
  • A comprehensive relapse prevention program
  • A dual diagnosis treatment program
  • An aftercare program
  • A family program

Addiction Treatment for OxyContin
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